Dance Peak performance Workshops

We are excited to announce our Head Athletic Trainer, Justin Decker and Chelsea Keefer (Soloist for Ballet West) have combined their passions, for dance and health, to create Dance Peak Performance. We believe a dancer can only achieve peak performance on and off the stage when they are balanced in mind, body, and spirit. Our three workshops (Mind, Body, and Spirit) will focus on teaching a dancer how to become more self-aware, how to take care of their bodies, and how to perform at their greatest potential. Sign up today for one of three different workshops or call us to receive a bundled discount for all three!  

The Mind Workshop

Will focus on three key elements 

-Changing the perspective on dancing

-Overcoming anxiety

-Skills enhanced focus on performance

Meeting Date: TBD

The Body Workshop

Will focus on three key elements

-Understand pain and how to treat it

-Injury Prevention/Proper Recovery

-Conversation in the mirror

Meeting Date: TBD

The Spirit Workshop

Will focus on three key elements

-How to find balance within yourself 

-Learn to direct flow of performance

-Ways to change your self-perception

Meeting Date: TBD

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With a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and a 200-hour Yoga Certification from Kripalu. As a dancer and yoga instructor I aim to connect my body and consciousness to the point where I am always surrendering to the present moment. I walk a path blazed by professional ballerinas before me, but I often stray to the road less traveled in search of balance. I am currently providing Mentorship, Life Coaching, and Workshops for dancers who struggle with anxiety through the process of meditation